Faber Flags


Your company, product or brand need professional representation. In Indoor marketing as well as in outdoor marketing.

Ensuring a professional representation in balance with economics has been our speciality for the last 80 years. Our clients are amongst the most renowned brands, and for a reason! That’s why we proudly say:

It’s got to be Faber Flags

A flag must be a showpiece. The carrier of your advertising or brand message. With numerous size and printing variations available, the flag becomes a medium with unprecedented possibilities. Display your message in glorious colour at the top of a building or across a facade. Durable in the face of wind and weather conditions.

What are the key properties that flags must demonstrate?

Flags must remain strong for a long time. Resistance to wind and sun. We have six durable fabric grades for flags to suit particular applications.

Colour impact 
Our colouring agents meet the highest standards for colour sustainability.

Printing result
Sharp and detailed prints are a must for presentable flags.

When you take the above details into consideration, Faber Flags stands for achieving the right balance between price and quality. Just ask us for a quote and we will prove it to you. Just make the comparison.

Other features
There are dozens of finishing options available, which we will gladly advise you about.

The choice depends on the positioning and the message and we will gladly support you to choose a professional way of presenting your message.