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Thai team ZOAT 2017 champion!

From 13 til 15 of October the 45th edition of the annual ZOAT Hockey Tournament took place in Kuala Lumpur. Dutch hockey teams from all over South East Asia, and a few coming all the way from Holland, gather yearly in one of five rotating cities ( Hong Kong,  Bangkok, Jakarta , Kuala Lumpur and Singapore ) for this fun filled tournament, where also high level hockey is played ! This year’s edition was a topper thanks to the flawless organisation.  The very nice weather and the environment where the events took place guaranteed everyone absolutely enjoyed the 3 day party. The Thai Elephants team won the tournament and will take the cup back home to Bangkok until the next ZOAT 2018 edition in Singapore.

Faber Flags is a proud sponsor of this exquisite event, together with other great dutch companies such as KLM,  Heineken and many others.

Faber Fahnen takes over XXL Megaprint in Thueringen

Faber Fahnen, Faber’s affiliate in Germany, has been active on the German flag market since 2008. Effective September 1st. their product portfolio increased substantially due to the takeover of XXL Megaprint in Heiligenstadt. The large-format printing company was in receivership and is therefore very pleased with the acquisition by Faber Group. And not just because continuity is guaranteed for customers and employees. Joining the Faber Group also means an enormous expansion of the product and service portfolio as well. “In Heiligenstadt we have a team of highly motivated and experienced staff and modern machinery and it makes us much more flexible by the addition of new services such as 24-hour deliveries” says Hans Smeman, director of Faber Fahnen. Click here for the article in the Thueringer Allgemeine.

Signmaker Haan Reclame becomes part of Faber Group

The acquisition of Haan, which specializes in facades signage, car wrapping and lightboxes is an important next step in the new direction of the Faber Group. In that context ,large format printer Imaba was acquired in 2014 and Exposize in 2015.

With these steps Faber is developing rapidly from being an expert on flags to an international company with a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of products and services aimed at branding and visibility of businesses, shops, events and cities.

Martin Koppelaar, Faber Group CEO: “Haan Reclame is a typical signmaker with a long history. What started out 30 years ago has become a leading signmaker with an impressive customer portfolio. This fits well with Faber’s vision of the future. Their specialized installation service offers us many opportunities for our future growth”. The credo “speed is the key” can get a further deepening as a result of the various possibilities offered by Faber.

Large format printer Exposize will become part of the Faber Group

The Amsterdam Faber Group has acquired the large format printer Exposize. This strategic takeover has created a unique combination with a large number of disciplines in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising.

The takeover of Exposize, specialist in store dressing, stand construction and interior design, has allowed the Faber Group to take an important next step in its new direction. Imaba Visual Experience was also taken over at the end of last year within that same context. The new direction will ensure Faber can spend the forthcoming years developing from a flag expert to an internationally operating company with a unique comprehensive range focussed on the branding and visibility of companies, shops, events and towns.

Martin Koppelaar, the Faber Group’s CEO: “Exposize is a young company which has been able to realise rapid growth during recent years. This is only possible when you can repeatedly exceed your customers’ expectations. This perfectly links into our future vision.”

Exposize has been harbouring the desire to continue its growth of recent years abroad too. The internationally operating Faber Group can offer the perfect platform for realising these growth ambitions. Founder and current owner Eric Verkerk will remain involved with the company and will also join the Faber Group’s management team.


The purchase of Exposize has allowed the Faber Group to develop into a company with a turnover of €50 million and 450 employees in 2015.

Faber Vlaggen Acquires Visual Communication Specialist Imaba

The Faber Group of Amsterdam, better known as Faber Vlaggen, has acquired visual communication specialist Imaba in Zoetermeer. As a result of this acquisition, the largest producer of flags will gain access to the market of printing on hard materials and store decor.
This acquisition enables the Faber Group to offer their customers a product range for indoor and outdoor advertising that is unique in the field. An extensive investment program accompanies the acquisition. For example, a state-of-the-art printer from manufacturer Durst will be installed at the Zoetermeer print shop shortly. Top quality and fast delivery will therefore continue to be guaranteed. In addition to its own production, Imaba has a professional logistics service with unique knowledge of store decor. Its own placement service provides many opportunities for synergy with the placement service of Faber Vlaggen. In order to reflect this expanded product range in its name, Imaba Grafische Bedrijven was changed to Imaba Visual Experience.
Martin Koppelaar, CEO Faber Group: Imaba is known in the field as a company with an upscale clientele in the retail sector, and has many similarities with Faber Vlaggen. By merging the product ranges of Faber and Imaba, a complete package for indoor and outdoor advertising has resulted, and we can offer our clients a one-stop-shopping experience. This is unique. Imaba fits in with the growth strategy of Faber perfectly.”
Through the acquisition of Imaba, the Faber Group will grow to € 40 million revenue and 400 employees in 2015.

Fair flags are made by Faber.

The Faber Group is the first flag manufacturer that receives the internationally renowned seal of Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear Foundation, which has its origins in fashion, sees clear parallels between manufacturing flags and making clothes. For the finishing of flags is still done largely by hand. Increasingly, customers want to know how it is with the working conditions in foreign factories of Faber Group. The call for an independent investigation was louder. It was decided contact Fair Wear Foundation, because of the strong relationship between the finishing flags and finishing garments. For the Fair Wear Foundation was no standard notification because many global companies like Nike and Adidas specialize in clothing.

Good working conditions in the factories is a must. We think that’s really obvious. To lend force to that claim we decided to hook up with Fair Wear Foundation. This international organization ensures that the members adhere to the Code of Labour practices established by FWF. Do you want to know more? Have a look at www.fairwear.org.

Faber Flags Rotterdam – Ready for city dressing

The Port of Rotterdam has long been home of Faber Flags. To strengthen our presence and ensure fast delivery we have opened a new office in “de Randstad” (the Port to Europe).

“We provide services and products to a respected group of customers in the bigger Rotterdam area, amongst which the City of Rotterdam for events like Rotterdam Marathon, Rotterdam City Racing, Rotterdam Harbour days, etc.” says CEO Martin Koppelaar. “To ensure we can maintain the service to those customers and grow our customerbase we have replaced the old office in Vlaardingen with a brand new office at the Kiotoweg”.

“Previously under the brand of Shipmate and since the integration under Faber Group brand. With our local Installation crew we have an improved capability to service these big city dressing events timely and with the high quality our customer recognize us for. At this new location we are easier to reach for local entrepeneurs that have a marketing need. We provide guidance and advise from our 80 years of experience.” Mr. Koppelaar continues.

“Doing business is a peoples job, marketing usually demands close cooperation, especially for big events. With our close vicinity to our customer we are even better equipped to serve”.

Faber Group has offices in several countries to serve her national and international customers from closeby.

Succes for sc Cambuur – Sports marketing in action

Yesterday the Dutch major league football club SC Cambuur defeated their local Friesland rivals Heerenveen in a captivating duel in Leeuwarden. We congratulate them with this success.

Faber Flags has been a proud shirtsponsor of sc Cambuur since 2011, and shows how sports marketing can effectively be performed in the football stadium.

Easy access to outdoor marketing products – Faber Flags renewed website

In this age of mobile and web you expect your marketing provider to serve you online even when you purchase physical marketing materials. For that purpose Faber Flags has updated the webshop and the international website.

Your will find a better overview of all companies within the Faber Group on the site. Our production facilities in Poland and Thailand are shown in more detail. Our indoor- and outdoor marketing products can support you in getting your brand- or product messages published more clearly and effectively.

For actual prices and images we kindly invite you to our shop at www.fabervlaggen.nl.