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About Faber

The Faber Group

A turnover of 35 million euro makes the Faber Group one of the foremost producers in the world. We specialize in producing promotional textile products for ourdoor marketing and indoor marketing such as flags, indoor/outdoor banners, street banners, event banners and parasols. Every year, customers on five continents purchase more than 8 million m² of printed fabric from us. Our customers vary from (major) multinationals right through to private individuals. The Group companies are both production and sales operations.

By working in co-operation, we are able to centralize and optimize our processes and reap the rewards of a large-scale operation. This guarantees competitive cost prices, flexibility and reliability. Using our own experience and our expertise in production, sales and marketing, the Faber Group hopes to establish a presence as a solution-provider for all manner of communication problems, working efficiently and transparently for the benefit of the customer.Companies:

  • Faber Group NV – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Faber Vlaggen BV – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (sales)
  • Faber Vlaggen BV – Rotterdam, the Netherlands (installation and sales)
  • Imaba Visual Experience BV – Zoetermeer, the Netherlands (sales and production)
  • Faber Deutschland – Eisenach, Germany (sales)
  • Faber Flags AB – Lidingö, Sweden (sales)
  • Northern Flags – Leeds, United Kingdom (sales)
  • Flagowa Kraina – Wodzisaw Slaski, Poland (sales & production)
  • Faber Flags Asia – Bangkok, Thailand (sales)
  • Faber Flags Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand (production)
  • Faber Flags South America – Santiago, Chili, Mexico City, Mexico (sales)
Your logo and market positioning are important. The price too. You want appeal. With good products. Faber Flags serves the strongest brands among its customers. These (major) customers choose security and the right balance between price and quality. So do you.
Long lifespan. We offer the most durable fabric grades and expert sewing, as well as the highest possible weatherfastness and lightfastness.
Agreements & performance. You must live up to your agreements. Faber has the entire production process under controland is a one-stop provider as far as flexibility, quality control and delivery time are concerned. We have a high level of expertise with regard to printing and images. Faber Flags keeps to its agreements when it comes to delivery times and the printing result.