Faber Flags

Fair flags are made by Faber.

The Faber Group is the first flag manufacturer that receives the internationally renowned seal of Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear Foundation, which has its origins in fashion, sees clear parallels between manufacturing flags and making clothes. For the finishing of flags is still done largely by hand. Increasingly, customers want to know how it is with the working conditions in foreign factories of Faber Group. The call for an independent investigation was louder. It was decided contact Fair Wear Foundation, because of the strong relationship between the finishing flags and finishing garments. For the Fair Wear Foundation was no standard notification because many global companies like Nike and Adidas specialize in clothing.

Good working conditions in the factories is a must. We think that’s really obvious. To lend force to that claim we decided to hook up with Fair Wear Foundation. This international organization ensures that the members adhere to the Code of Labour practices established by FWF. Do you want to know more? Have a look at www.fairwear.org.